The Backstory…

As per usual, I’m trying something new! I would like to share my thoughts and ideas pertaining to mommy-hood with YOU! Some subjects I will cover here include: breastfeeding, pumping, co-sleeping, bed sharing, attachment parenting, baby wearing, and cloth diapers; expect to hear much more about my thoughts and things I have learned about these topics. After reading this list some of my less crunchy mommy friends may say WOAH that doesn’t sound semi-crunchy, that sounds completely crunchy! However as I have learned by reading and talking with mommies encompassing a wide variety of crunchiness I would give myself a crunchy score of 7 (10 being the most crunchy of crunchies).

I have some experience under my belt as I am the proud mother of an almost 15 month old beautiful little girl, however, I am by no means an expert in mommydom and I continue to learn more every day. I am a full-time working mom and my daughter attends a local daycare that she really enjoys (more on this topic to come). I work as a scientist and know just enough about biology and health to help me make better informed decisions pertaining to my little one. On the other hand I am by no means a doctor or complete expert on topics we will discuss and I am always looking to improve. I find myself constantly adding new crunchy ways and adjusting my lifestyle to improve my family’s health. I do wish that I had more time to dedicate to this passion as it is something that I truly enjoy.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!


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